Continuous Page Mode:

Loads additional pages of offers when accessing an Offers page, visible simply by scrolling. Each extra page of offers loaded increases the page’s total load time, but unless you’ve got an extremely slow connection, you’ll barely notice.


Show price and rank data:

Enable or disable the display of the center box containing price and rank information.


Show fulfillment channel for Buy Box offers:

Icons displayed beside the Buy Box prices indicate whether each offer is merchant-fulfilled, FBA, or sold by Amazon itself. The icon will only appear if the offer is contained within the lowest 20 overall, which is usually, but not always, the case. This feature also adds a few fractions of a second to the page load time, so it can be easily disabled if you don’t need it.


Restriction check:

This feature checks the active ASIN for possible listing restrictions. If restrictions are found, you will be notified if the restriction applies to the category, brand, or to the specific ASIN. Click the link to visit the “Add a Product” page in Seller Central for further details, or to apply for permission to list the relevant product or products. You must be signed in to Seller Central for this feature to work.


Enable advanced settings:

Changing this setting exposes additional options on the “Filter Defaults” tab, allowing you to change the behavior of the standard filters Amazon provides for browsing offers (as distinguished from the custom filters added by Hasten). Due to their complexity, these options are hidden by default.

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