This section allows you to define default settings for the filters on the left side of the Offers page. You can always make adjustments as needed while viewing each page. Checkboxes determine whether the filter is applied by default. The filters can also be configured to work in different ways by adjusting their individual settings.


Arrives within __ business days:

Specify the number of business days Hasten should use to calculate the latest acceptable arrival date when applying the “Arrives by” filter.


Assume __ day shipping for Prime offers:

Because of Amazon’s rules concerning the use of Prime two-day shipping to order items for resale, this is set to 5 by default, but can be adjusted if needed.


Backordered Prime offers:

By default, the “Arrives by” filter will assume that a backordered Prime offer would ship on the date cited for the item being back in stock. Because this is not guaranteed, you can hide such offers instead by toggling this setting.


Minimum Seller Rating:

Specify a default minimum value for the corresponding filter



Specify default minimum and/or maximum values for the “Price” filter.


Seller Blacklist:

This setting controls whether or not the Seller Blacklist filter (configured on its own tab) is applied to the Offers page by default.

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