Options – ASIN Hit List

The ASIN Hit List allows you to create your own list of ASINs that require special treatment, and be alerted whenever you load the Offers page for a matching item. You may type or paste ASINs one at a time, with one ASIN per line, or paste a list of multiple ASINs at once. Hasten will usually format your list automatically, but check your list to be sure each line contains only one complete ASIN before clicking “Save”.

When the ASIN Hit List is enabled, the item’s title will be highlighted in the color you select from the dropdown menu.

Potential applications include:

  • Importing an Amazon wish list
  • Flagging commonly counterfitted items
  • Marking items you’ve sold in the past

Any list of ASINs that you can obtain or generate by any method can be used as a Hit List, making this feature highly flexible.


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