Offers Page Dashboard

Hasten’s dashboard, inserted into the top of Amazon’s offers pages, provide an instant look at the latest data for the active ASIN, as well as quick access to many additional pieces of information.

Information displayed in the dashboard can help you swiftly decide whether or not an item warrants further review, so you can move on quickly if it’s clear that that item won’t meet your criteria.

Here’s what you’ll find in the dashboard:


Sales Rank

A measure of how recently Amazon has registered a sale for the item (including sales that are currently pending).


Trade Value

The amount, if any, that Amazon itself is willing to pay for the item, in the form of a gift card.



In this area of the dashboard, you’ll be alerted if the active ASIN is subject to any listing restrictions. The alert will indicate whether the restriction applies to the item’s category, brand, or specifically to that particular ASIN. Clicking on the alert will open the “Add a Product” page for the ASIN in Seller Central, where you may view additional details or apply for permission to have the restriction lifted. You must be actively signed in to Seller Central in order for the restriction check feature to work.


FBA Prices

The lowest-priced FBA offers for the ASIN in New and Used condition


Merchant-Fulfilled Prices

The lowest-priced Merchant-Fulfilled offers for the ASIN in New and Used condition


Buy Box Prices and Fulfillment Channels

The prices of the offers occupying the Buy Box at the time the page was loaded, and an icon indicating whether the offer is FBA, Merchant-Fulfilled, or is being offered by Amazon itself. In cases in which there is no Buy Box offer, these fields may display the prices that would occupy the Buy Box under other conditions, based on data obtained from Amazon’s servers.


Used Offers

The total number of offers for the ASIN in Used condition


New Offers

The total number of offers for the ASIN in New condition


FBA Offers

The number of offers for the ASIN, New or Used, that are fulfilled by Amazon (including offers from both third-party sellers and from Amazon itself). To reduce page loading time, Hasten will initially count only the number of FBA offers among those offers already loaded (e.g., if you are using Continuous Page Mode to load two additional pages of offers, for a total of 3 pages, Hasten will display only the number of FBA offers appearing on those 3 pages). Bear in mind that offers are not always displayed in order of price, and that higher-priced offers will sometimes be displayed after lower-priced ones. If additional pages of offers exist that have not yet been loaded, Hasten will display a “Count All” button, which will count FBA offers on the remaining pages when clicked.


Newer Version

If Amazon’s database indicates that a newer version of the ASIN exists, Hasten will display a “Yes” value here. Clicking on “Yes” will open—in a new tab—the product page for the ASIN indicated, which may not necessarily be correctly identified, or which may be a correctly-identified newer version that has not yet been released. Click “Search” to open a search for the title (and author/artist for media items) in a new tab, which is often useful for identifying newer versions when Amazon’s database does not correctly indicate the relationship. This search can also be to used to identify alternate versions or variations such as bundles, or older versions of the item.


Seller Central Links

Clicking these links will automatically search your inventory or past orders in Seller Central in a new tab. Note that your “Manage Inventory” page will be displayed using the defaults you have saved in Seller Central, so if, for example, you have configured both the “Status” and “Fulfilled by” filters for the page to display “All”, the default view will consist of both active and inactive offers for both fulfillment channels. If you wish to change this default view, the change must be made in Seller Central, as it is not possible for Hasten to override these settings.


Copy ASIN Button

Clicking this button, found to the right of the Seller Central links, will copy the active ASIN to the clipboard, from which it can then be pasted into any text entry field in any application. This can be used to easily search for the ASIN on an external website or inventory management system.


Past Purchases

Indicates if you have previously placed one or more orders for this ASIN using the active Amazon account. Note that if you are not signed in to Amazon, this information will not be displayed. Clicking on “Search Order History” will search your past orders for the title of the active ASIN. Unlike the “You purchased this item on…” link displayed on Amazon product pages, which simply points to your most recent matching order, this feature allows you to identify and navigate to multiple past orders.


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