Adding Offers Page Links to Lists of ASINs in Excel

When it comes to manual repricing, or identifying candidates for removal to avoid Amazon’s Long Term Storage Fees, the most flexible solution (if not the prettiest) for the first step in analyzing your inventory is usually a spreadsheet.

Most of the same reports that help sellers plan for LTSF can also be used to identify ASINs that may not be optimally priced. An important second step, particularly in the case of repricing, is to evaluate the Offers page for the corresponding ASIN, which provides significantly more information. Tools like Keepa, Camel Camel Camel, and Hasten can further enhance Offers pages in ways that enable sellers to gain a faster and more comprehensive understanding of the current market for each ASIN.

Despite the importance of Offers pages in making business decisions, neither Seller Central, nor any of the reports that can be requested within it, include links to these pages. Links to Product Details pages are helpful, but the ability to navigate directly to the Offers page saves valuable time.

Fortunately, adding Offers page links to the reports (or other files containing lists of ASINs) yourself may be easier than you think:

Let’s say we’ve opened our file in Excel, and that the ASINs appear in the first column (this, of course, will vary).

Select the next column to the right of that containing the ASINs. In this case, that means selecting Column B.

Type Control Shift + to insert a new column (or click Insert > Columns with your mouse).

Select the second cell in the new column you’ve inserted (or the first cell if your spreadsheet does not contain column headings). Copy and paste this formula into it, adjusting the “A”, if necessary, to correspond with the letter of whatever column contains your ASINs:


NOTE: If you want to access the Offers page with Amazon Smile, the value is slightly different, add “smile.” before “amazon.com, like this:


Now just double-click the little square on the bottom right of the cell.

Your formula has now been pasted into the rest of the cells in the column range. Just one step left!

Now type Control C (Windows) or Command C (Mac) to copy the entire range to your clipboard, then Control V or Command V to paste the contents back in the same position:

Click the Paste icon that appears on the low-right of the range, and choose “Values Only”.

Congratulations: You’re officially an Excel ninja!

Now, any time you want to evaluate the current market for one of your ASINs, you’ll have a handy link to either paste into your browser, or click directly (depending on the format in which you save the file).

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Happy number crunching, ninjas!


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