Installing Hasten on Windows is a simple, but the process of extracting the file containing the extension may look slightly different on different versions of the operating system, and depending on what, if any, third-party software is installed for handling compressed files. In general, the following steps should apply:

1) Using Google Chrome, download the ZIP file by clicking here.

2) The file, “”, should appear near the bottom left of your window. The icon to the left of the name may varying depending on what third-party software is installed.

3) Click the “^” arrow to the right of the file. Alternatively, navigate to the directory to which you have downloaded the file, and right-click on it. Depending on your operating system and software, you may see an option to “Open” or “Extract All”. Click this option, and extract the contents without changing any settings.

4) A folder called “hasten_v1.0.0_build” should now exist in the same directory to which you downloaded the original file. In your Chrome browser, click the “Customize and Control” icon (represented by three vertical dots) near the top-right of the screen. Click “More Tools” and then “Extensions”. This will open a view of all the extensions currently installed in Chrome.

6) Click on the “hasten_v1.0.0_build” folder and drag it onto the “Extensions” page.

Hasten should now be automatically installed, and may be activated by following the simple process described here.


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