What is Hasten?
Hasten is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you make faster and better-informed decisions when viewing Offers pages for products on Amazon, saving you time and money.

Who can use the extension?
Hasten can be used by anyone with a Chrome browser and an internet connection. However, some features, like price and rank information, require a Professional Selling Account with Amazon.com.

Why do I need to add my MWS API information?
Like nearly all software used for selling on Amazon, Hasten lets users access Amazon data through their own individual accounts in order to securely obtain the latest information as quickly as possible.

What data do you access with my MWS API credentials?
Hasten only checks information about the ASIN you are currently visiting.

Will Hasten work on my phone or tablet?
Unfortunately, Google Chrome extensions do not currently work on the mobile versions of Chrome.

Is Hasten available for use on other marketplaces besides Amazon.com?
Hasten is currently available for use on the Amazon.com and Amazon.ca marketplaces. Support for additional marketplaces may be added, depending on demand.

Is Hasten available for Firefox, Safari or another browser?
Hasten is currently only available for Google Chrome.

What if I don’t have a Professional Selling Plan with Amazon?
Hasten is for both buyers and sellers, so most of its features do not require any selling plan at all. Restriction status and Seller Central links require at least an Individual selling plan. Only price, offer count, and rank data require a Professional plan.

Can I use Hasten on more than one device?
You may use your Hasten subscription on more than one device as long as you are only using it with a single Amazon seller account.

Can my Virtual Assistant (VA) use Hasten?
Yes, but your VA may only use your subscription with your own Amazon selling account.

Is Hasten appropriate for users new to selling on Amazon?
Absolutely. Hasten is designed to be extremely flexible to accommodate many different workflows and experience levels. Brand new sellers will instantly benefit from the insights and time-saving mechanisms provided by the tool. With experience, you’ll learn to unlock the full potential of Hasten, leveraging its many powerful features in new and exciting ways to grow your business.

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